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Chameleons by Yamaguchi

Why buy here?

The fact is that I love these modern day dragons. My goal is to share the beauty of these creatures as much as possible. There is much to learn from these captivating creatures. Whether you purchase your new chameleon friend or  learn from my blog sharing 30+ years of chameleon keeping experience and introduction of new chameleon science, I hope that you will come to appreciate and learn from chameleons as much as I have and continue to do!

The chameleons here are loved, gently handled, well-fed, and packaged safely. The result is a chameleon of beautiful potential in its happy life. You are welcome to learn, grow, contact, or purchase all that this site can allow! I also will personally converse with you on the care of your new panther or veiled chameleon to make sure that you and your new chameleon are happy.

Thank you and good luck.

~Charles Yamaguchi

Chameleons by Yamaguchi

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Chameleons by Yamaguchi


We offer friendly life-time support for the life of your new friend and beyond.

Chameleons by Yamaguchi

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Chameleons by Yamaguchi

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