#F03-02 Ambilobe Female RBBB Red Body Blue Bar Panther Chameleon

#F03-02 Ambilobe Female RBBB Red Body Blue Bar Panther Chameleon


Available from Copperhead, the stunning Red Body Blue Bar male Ambilobe panther chameleon, are finally some beautiful female babies.

This female also shows brilliant oranges and a wonderful blue blush on her face and head with red striation! Born late February into March, these babies have put on very good size and are growing and eating well! No itty bitty tadpoles here! The male clutch mates are starting to show brilliant red rains, that will turn into bright red bars in the future, already!

Images are of the actual female for sale. Images NOT marked as Clutchmate, Sire, or other are the actual chameleon for sale. 

Shipping price is calculated at checkout. We ship Tuesday and Wednesday overnight FedEx express. See how we pack our chameleons here. We will ship you your new chameleon friend once we have contacted you and verified the details you provided during checkout, that the date for shipping works for you, and that you are all setup and ready to go. We will gladly answer any questions and give advice if needed. :)